Brick, Pavers and Clay Products

Materials for retaining walls, driveways, patios, interior walls, exterior walls, steps, fire rings, pillar caps, landscape edging, outdoor fireplaces, benches, and so much more!

Better Products, Purposely.

Many people think that they can save a bunch of money by buying pavers at big box stores. What they might not know is that products there are lower quality for a few different reasons.

First, the products those other guys sell are not as dense. They weigh less for the same size. Why does this matter? Although our products might be more expensive at face value, they’ll also last much longer longer in our Indiana weather and, if load bearing, they will hold up for many more years before failure.

Second, our products are colored all the way through. It’s a more expensive process, but it ensures that the materials will never fade. Pavers you get from the big box stores are colored only on the surface, meaning that a few years in the elements and the color will fade, the aggregate will bleed through, and you’ll be wishing you got something more durable.

Face Brick and Clay Paver Lines:

Pavers and Other Clay Products:

Belden : Face Brick, Thin Brick

Glen Gery: Face Brick, Thin Brick, Clay Pavers

McNear Brick: Thin Brick


Unilock: Concrete Pavers, Porcelain Pavers

Belgard: Concrete Pavers, Porcelain Pavers, Manufactured Stone Steps

Superior Clay: Flue Liners, Clay Chimney Pots, Fire Brick, Bell Tile, Hi-Temp Mortar, Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Belden: Clay Pavers

Rockwood: Concrete Pavers

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Be sure to see these life-sized sample boards on the south side of our yard, right inside the gate.

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